Students shall form groups of maximum two members and implement the kernel of a simple Experimental Operating System.

Learning Objectives:

To understand and the given design and implement the kernel for a custom Operating System called the the Experimental Operating System from scratch.  Cross compiler, debugger, file system interface and other supporting software tools are provided. The student will implement the scheduler, memory management, process management, exception handling, interrupt driven device I/O and disk device mangement, file system management and user management functions of the OS.  Documentation and road-map for the project are provided at the website http://exposnitc.github.io/.  

The following link gives a suggested plan for work - Schedule of Expriments.  

If you find the above experiment hard to tackle in a semester, there is a simpler version which you can opt for, that is hosted at: http://xosnitc.github.io/.  

Recommended Extra Reading: If any book is worth reading, this short book by Professor Jonathan Misruda. (University of Pittusburg) is!

Evaluation Policy

Weekly Evaluation at least 75%.  (Examination may be conducted if so decided by the instructors at the end of the semester.  If conducted, the examination will carry up to 25% credit.).


Any instance of cheating including copying whole or parts of code or failure to answer (correctly) questions regarding the code you have submitted will result in award of an F grade in the course.  

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