Athena DataServer

Athena is an internal data server for students who are doing their BTech in Computer Science and Engineering at the National Institute of Technology, Calicut. All the students have an account in Athena DataServer from their second year onwards. All users are assigned a fixed amount of disk quota. The users can also host their personal website.


Link :


Tutorial on How to use Athena


CSED WebServer

Itus AuthenticationServer

Itus is an authentication server for systems in SSL. Each BTech student of department has a username and password with which they can login to the system. Itus uses LDAP for authentication.


MediaServer is a warehouse of open source operating systems and open courses from many prominent institutions of world.


Link : MediaServer


MirrorServer is the Ubuntu Mirror available internal to the institution. It contains the up to date repository of supported LTS version and recent short support versions