Murali Krishnan K

Projects listed here are those which I think have instructional value.


On Finite State Erogidc Markov Chains (Subin Pulari, B.Tech 2018)

Geometry of Linear Programs and Primal Dual Theory (Anil Kumar S, M.Tech 2015)

Primal Dual Theorems in Graph Theory (Venkata Harish, M.Tech 2012)

Algebraic Foundations of Semi-definite Programming (Arti Nigam, M.Tech 2015)


The (Revised) Experimental Operating System (eXpOS) Project

The (Original) Experimental Operating System (XOS) Project

The ExpL compiler Project

Experiments with Minix (Shrishty and Pragati, B.Tech 2015)

Checkers Game (Suresh Sudhakaran, B.Tech 2014)

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